Yonas Media offers a wide range of services that encompass almost every aspect of the music business



We offer both East Coast and West Coast Studios for our artists and clients. West Coast equipment list and East Coast equipment list. We provide our artists and clients with grammy nominated engineers and international grammy award winning producers. The core of Yonas Media has been, and always will be, music production for artists and clients.


Like many other management companies, we assist and help guide musical artist’s careers, and strive to create and cultivate environments that allow artists to maximize their creativity. What separates our management company from others though, is our in house graphic design, publicity, online marketing, music production, music supervision, web design, and event production staff which allow us to provide artists with well rounded and highly efficient business representation.


We provide our artists with an in house publicity team that works around the clock establishing and maintaining press connections in both print and digital form, as well as securing interviews for artists to promote their current releases, tour dates, and their various creative undertakings.

Online Marketing

We offer a comprehensive set of digital marketing services tailored to the demands of artists who want to reach, engage, and expand their audience:

- Creative digital strategy and planning
- Presence management (social networks / websites)
- Social Media management and consultation
- Asset production and management (ad banners / social network skins / etc.)
- Direct to Fan campaign management and email marketing
- Search engine and social media advertising
- Campaign Analytics

Graphic Design

We have graphic designers on staff that not only create content for posters, fliers, websites, and other types of promotional material, but also work hand in hand with our artists in order to produce content that visualizes and embodies the artist’s creative endeavors.

Website Design

We have staff members that have extensive web design experience, as well as other staff members that have experience updating and maintaining website related efforts. This department works closely with our Graphic Design department to further visualize our artists’ efforts.

Event Production

We understand the significance and prominence a single event can have for a company, business, or organization. Because of that, we have members of our staff who are experienced in producing, promoting, and coordinating an event from inception to completion. We have the equipment, planning and scheduling ability, and technical expertise that allow us to produce memorable and well crafted events.

Music Supervision

We have a small but passionate facet of our company that focuses on assisting our artists and other clients with finding ways to synchronize their music to Television, Movies, Advertisements and other collaborative projects. This is all in an effort to further promote our artists and monetize their creative output with integrity and care.